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~ Monday, January 2 ~

Today, I made brownies. Jokingly, I told my brother not to offer brownies to everyone he sees walking down the sidewalk. So what does he do? Runs outside, sees an old man strolling along with his walker, so my bro yells “HEY, DO YOU WANT A BROWNIE?” The old man grumped “NO!” and continued on his walk. I love my brother. Day. Made. MLIA

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~ Sunday, January 1 ~

Today, me & my friend went to 5 Below to buy Christmas presents. We decided to buy our friend a dart board & a Justin Bieber poster so she can throw darts at him. When we were paying, we were $3 short. The man at the register gave us a discount after figuring out what we were doing. MLIA

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~ Saturday, December 31 ~

Today, my older sister told me that last night i sleep walked into my living room, watched her for a couple of minutes, then said “astronauts are waiting outside for their pancakes on the boat, feed them” i really wish i was awake to see the look on her face. MLIA.

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~ Wednesday, December 28 ~

Today I met the guy I like at the park. We spent the entire time wizard battling and playing ninja’s. I knew I liked him for a reason. OurLAA

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~ Monday, December 26 ~

Today (7 seconds ago), I was on and I typed in what is my mission. My mission is to make several paper airpanes, write love haikus on them, and then throw them into the street. Thanks for making my life epic, MysterySeeker. You have never failed me. MLIA

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~ Sunday, December 25 ~

A while ago, I was helping out at pizza ranch and my teacher shows up there, while walking backwards he runs into a pole and starts saying, “Oh, I am very sorry” he then turns around and says, “Oh, your not even a person” Then continues on walking. MT(eacher’s)LIA

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~ Monday, December 19 ~

Today I was feeling sad, and my friend, trying to cheer me up, posted a happy birthday on my wall. At least 100 others did the same. It’s June 17th and my birthday is in January. It made my day. MLIA.

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~ Sunday, December 18 ~

Today my little sister’s friend was living at my house again. And she started to doodle on my folder, half way through her doodle she looked up and said,” Wait a flying whalecorn is just a flying narwhal.” A flying whalecorn is now in sharpie on my folder. OLAA

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~ Saturday, December 17 ~

Last weekend, my friends and I were looking for movies on tv and we came across The Mummy Returns. We decided to watch it as none of us had seen it in a long time. 10 minutes later, mum opened the door and in stumbled my stepdad, completely covered in toliet paper making ‘dying noises’, holding his arms out like a mummy. Then our dog ran in with the rest of the loo roll AND the cardboard bit from the middle dragging along behind him. My friends were shocked… I was proud. MLIA.

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Yesterday, my class started secret santa. My secret santa got me a crayola coloring book and crayons. Today my secret santa gave me dinosaur finger puppets. Who ever you are, I LOVE YOU! MILA

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